Importance of CCTV Cameras

Having an on-site security guard is the traditional way of protecting property. With the advent of affordable CCTV kits, the number of security guards on the property was reduced. In today’s security world, CCTV provides modern property protection and effectively eliminates the need for on-site security staff.

Many modern CCTV systems have motion detectors built into them. If multiple cameras are utilized at a facility, the multiplexer / DVR will have a motion detection system built into it. This motion detection can be customized for the area of view of each camera on the site. The motion detector, whether in the camera or in the multiplexer, has an output that can create an alarm state. This alarm state can either enable the DVR to record or can transmit a signal to a central station.

Burglar alarms are monitored from a central station. Today, through the use of the motion detector and the Internet, the images of the camera in an alarm state can be transmitted to a central station for viewing. The central station operator can monitor any number of property sites at the same time. This ability allows for cost savings for the property owners. When a motion detector goes into an alarm state, the image of that camera is transmitted to the central station. If an animal or simply a tree limb blowing through the field of view triggered the alarm, the operator could disregard the alarm. If, however, the alarm is an actual alarm, there are unauthorized personnel on the property. The operator can then notify the proper law enforcement agencies of the trespass.

This technology, which has become more and more prevalent during the last 5 or 6 years, enables any business owner to have his property monitored at all times without hiring a physical security company to check on the property. The one-time charge for installation of the CCTV cameras and the monthly monitoring charge is far less expensive than the hiring of a physical security company.

When the safety of property is entrusted security guards or security services, there is always the possibility of human failure or inattention. Security guards, when patrolling a property, generally make their patrols within set time frames. When the security staff is not present, the property is unattended. A CCTV system is always awake and always viewing the areas of the property that they are directed to.