Amazing Ideas for Gravestone Ideas

If you take a walk in the nearby cemetery, you see different inspiring headstone inscriptions. Finding something unique to honor a loved one is not easy. Most people settle for the common messages; however, you can use the following ideas to find the perfect inscription.

  • Artistic inscriptions

Though words are powerful, you can also use art to express love for a loved one who has passed on. Hire a talented artist to customize your headstone and create image-based inscriptions. This may include the image of the deceased person or engravings of something they enjoyed doing.

  • Humorous inscriptions

The humor you choose to use should be a joke or something funny the loved one enjoyed. However, be careful to offend other people who love the person with your humor. Funny gravestone messages can bring some peace and help you feel like you can still share a joke with the deceased.

  • Use their words

If your loved made a personal choice of creating their epitaph, use it. Sometimes, you find their way of expressing love through letters or emails, and the words would be perfect to us in their gravestone.

  • Song Lyrics Inspiration

Song lyrics inspiration is easy if your loved one enjoyed listening to music. Get a section of a song that they use to listen to day in, day out, and engrave it on the gravestone. You can also use a piece with words that you would like the person to hear you tell them.

A custom gravestone is the best way to honor your friend or family. However, check if the cemetery management has any restrictions regarding the headstones that you can use.