Some Types of CCTV Cameras and their Purpose

The term CCTV means closed-circuit television. For a CCTV system to be complete, a camera is one of the things to be included. A CCTV camera is an electronic camera used for video surveillance. There are different types of CCTV cameras, and they are used to perform various functions. Not all the camera perform the same purposes since they have different unique features to help in their services. Their variations can be in the form of size, shape, configurations and among others. Here are Some of the CCTV cameras with their purposes.

1. Dome cameras.

These cameras are always dome-shaped and are mainly for indoor surveillance. Installation of these cameras is done indoors like in the ceilings. They are mostly used in retail stores and office premises because of their infrared illuminators.

2. Bullet cameras

They are always cylinder like in shape and are mainly weatherproof. Besides, they have protective casings making them more suitable for outdoor security systems. However, they can be used internally too in case the area to be view is extensive. These cameras have unique features like their length helps in the viewing of a large area with angles of around 80 degrees. They are suitable for outdoor because they are weatherproof and can view a long distance due to the lens they have.

3. C-Mount camera

They have a varifocal lens that helps in zooming in or out without losing focus. For this reason, these cameras can be used in surveillance of distance of over 35 feet. More so, they are mainly used in achieving variable zoom in monitoring due to their fine-tune focal angle and distance view.

4. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

These cameras are mainly used in highly sensitive or risky areas. As the name suggests, they can pan, tilt and zoom. These cameras can follow an accurate view of things and are mainly used for responsiveness purposes.

5. HD CCTV Cameras.

These cameras are used to record things at a high definition quality. This is because they pose a higher resolution than other types of cameras. They give finer details than other cameras. And for this reason, they are mainly used in highly sensitive places like banks and casinos.

There are other cameras like the Infrared or night vision cameras that have infrared LEDs and are used in pitch dark places or buildings.

Above are some types of CCTV cameras that can be used in the CCTV system. In case of purchasing reasons, short purposes can help in knowing which to buy and for what place within a short period.