Unique Inscription and Headstone Ideas

Unique Inscription and Headstone Ideas

When your loved one dies, you need something that will serve as the final monument reflecting their life. A gravestone tells their story briefly through epitaphs. It can be a poem, a religious quote, or a quote cherished by the deceased. Since it’s the last chance you have to immortalize the person’s legacy, you have to it beautifully. How do you do it uniquely? Here are some ideas:

  • Animal sculpture

Animal lovers will feel highly honored with an animal sculpture headstone. It can be a dog sitting on the headstone or a dog lying sentry. You can incorporate other pets like a hedgehog or a turtle.

  • Piano Headstone

A piano is the best if your deceased loved one loved music or loved the piano. The name and dates can be written on stone piano. Also, feel free to have an excerpt from the person’s favorite song etched on the gravestone.

  • Book headstone

Avid readers may choose to have a book on their headstone. The book looks more dramatic when open with the name and dates engraved on it. Also include an excerpt from the person’s favorite book as the epitaph. It will make a beautiful tribute for someone who loves writing, worked as a librarian, or just someone who loved books.

  • Castle Headstone

Owning a home is an outstanding achievement for most people. Make a custom castle made and use it as the gravestone. It can have features such as windows and doors. It will make a perfect tribute to someone who loved things about home construction and interior designing.

When someone dies, it is always the wish of his loved ones to make sure they are forever remembered. Everything else about the deceased, including their career achievements, will fade, but a gravestone is the most enduring tribute you can give to a loved one’s life.